“I never thought my site would get attacked. What do I do?”

Leave the Hacking Recovery to us. It’s a Smart Move and ONLY $225.  

No hidden cost – ever.  Security performance by Experts – always.  Don’t be fooled by others.

We understand the urgency when your site is down. So let’s get started.

Order Smart ALERTZ Hacking Recovery Now

Smart ALERTZ™ Monitoring

We scan, clean and keep your site malware-free 24/7.

Strengthened Passcodes

We'll reset all logins with strong credentials at every entry.

Dirty SEO

We’ll clean your SEO terms to restore your brand's reputation.

Site Scanning

We scan your site every six hours checking for malware.

Private Firewall - Block Hackers

We’re proactive in stopping problems before they occur.

Performance Optimization

We'll maximize the performance of your website with clean code.

Software Updates

We update your WordPress software & plug-ins on a consistent quarterly basis.

Malware Clean-up

We use the latest technology to clean-up malware injections from hackers.

Website Hosting

Big Head Web Host, our hosting division, has top line defense in server security.

Our Prices are Low.  Our Security is High.

ZZ-badge1Website Security & Hosting Service Products

The Detector

Website Hacking Recovery


  • FAST and Thorough Recovery & Relaunch
  • Malware Detection, Clean-up and Report
  • Analysis of Server, Database and Software
  • Blacklist Monitoring, Removal & Repair
  • Updating of all WordPress * Plug-ins Software
  • Change Site Login Credentials
  • Full Hacking Recovery Report
  • Clean Back-up Copy of Website Provided

Protector Shield

Personal Website Firewall


  • #1 Defense in Website Protection Against Hackers
  • Personal Website Firewall to Block Hackers
  • Brut Force Protection
  • Intrusion Prevention Firewall
  • HTTP Flood Protection
  • DDoS (Denial of Service) HTTP Protection Layer 7
  • SQL, XSS and Code Injection Prevention
  • Performance Optimized
  • Available for e-Commerce Sites, too – $90/Qtr.
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We are Web Security Experts

Happy Customers

Cups of Coffee

Lines of Code

Assets Saved

Things You Should Know to Keep Your Website Secure


  • Remember, the web is not a parking lot for your website.  A site can’t be launched and abandoned. You need to consistently monitor, update and scan for security breaches.
  • Stay current on ALL website software. Outdated software is the #1 entry point for Hackers.
  • Don’t click on suspicious emails and attachments.
  • Only install essential programs on your computer.
  • Use a reliable anti-virus software.
  • Install a SmartALERTZ™ Protector Shield Personal Firewall on your Website.
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We know your website is vital to your business. Get quick results now with SmartAlertz.

Order Smart ALERTZ Hacking Recovery

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