Hacking Recovery. We detect and remove malware, then relaunch your website.

Smart ALERTZ Hacking Recovery Service thoroughly analyzes your site to find where the malware has been planted. Using sophisticated technology and the experienced eyes of our security analysts, we review every file and table that serves your website.

To clean your website, we connect via FTP or SSH and perform a deep analysis of the application server, database, and software environment. Our research lab is constantly evaluating the techniques used by hackers, allowing us to develop new tools to combat them. During the cleanup, we create quarantined backups of all modified or removed files.

Once the website is thoroughly analyzed and cleaned during Hacking Recovery, we submit a review with third-party blacklists, and the appropriate blacklist engines to crawl your website. While we cannot control the pace at which these entities operate, usually your site is whitelisted within 24 – 48 hours after submission.

Next, we update your site’s software. Because of hackers, software developers continue to upgrade and release new software security patches. It is therefore essential that you frequently update all of the software on your site. We perform this service for you in Hacking Recovery to make sure that all software is up-to-date when we relaunch your site.

Lastly, you will receive a detailed Smart ALERTZ Recovery Report along with new pass codes and a clean backup file to keep.

For the next 12 months, using Smart ALERTZ Monitoring, we install a monitor on your website that automatically scans your site every six hours looking for possible vulnerabilities and malware injections.  If anything new is found on your site, we will contact you of the hacker’s entry.  With both the Unlimited or Unlimited PLUS levels, we will notify you, cleanse, relaunch and whitelist your site again at NO additional cost during the 12 months.



Smart ALERTZ Hacking Recovery is all inclusive with has one goal in mind — relaunching a safe and secure website that your customers can trust.